Welcome to Campanile College Tours 


Campanile College Tours offers a unique opportunity for U.S. and international students to get a customized and in-depth look at college campuses. On more than 200 campuses, we’ve created college tour itineraries that take families far beyond just a walk around the quad.  We plan every detail of your visit to create a memorable and useful college trip. We are ready to plan a complex multi-state tour or a single campus visit for your student designed around your student's interests.


Campanile College Tours creates a unique custom tour that engages your student with the people and places on a college campus. Based on your student’s interests, we create the complete itinerary. Your family travels unaccompanied with a complete itinerary in hand.

If you are a college counselor, we work with the visit list already created for your student.

If you are a parent not currently working with a counselor, our Educational Consultant can create a visit list for your student.


Campanile College Tours connects your student with campus with an in-depth campus experience.  Your student will be able to talk about these connections on the college application. A sample…

  • Connect with faculty in 1:1 meetings

  • Observe classes or participate in performing arts experiences

  • Meet with academic resources/support services

  • Tour specialty areas of campus such as sports facilities, labs and studios

  • Meet with current students who share a similar interest

  • Eat meals in campus dining halls

  • Attend research conferences & symposium

  • Interview with Admissions office

  • Attend concerts and performances


Plan your trip, beginning with departure from your hometown and ending with your arrival back home. We create the most efficient travel itinerary to get you to each college with the best possible transportation options. Your itinerary is provided to you in a convenient smartphone app with maps and directions and photos.

  • Plan a full day of campus activities at each college

  • Make all contacts and schedule all appointments based on each student’s special requests

  • Coordinate and book hotels, airport transfers, train and car service

  • Recommend or book flights

An example of one day at Stanford University: meeting with Dance Division Chair, participation in Advanced Ballet class, observation of Choreography class, attendance at a Psychology lecture followed by a meeting with the Psychology coordinator.  Lunch in a little-known campus Thai restaurant tucked away in the historic Quad, dinner in the dining hall.  

An example of a four-campus trip to the Pacific Northwest and Mid West:  coordinated seven airline legs, five hotel nights, admissions interviews, class observations, coffee dates with students, professor meetings, music concerts, lunch in dining halls, Engineering lab tours.

Interested in paleontology and marching band? No problem! All in one day, after taking a campus tour, our student met 1:1 with the curator of the Paleontology Museum and attended the Paleontology Department lunchtime seminar where he mingled with more professors and students in her area of interest, then met with the Director of the Marching Band at this Big-Ten Conference college.