What Our Clients Are Saying

I was so impressed by the attention given to each and every detail. And for that all our visits to each university, from the car arrangements, to hotels, to the college tour, admissions interviews, and meeting the professors who reviewed his portfolios, went so smoothly.
— Parent of rising senior visiting design programs in the Midwest and East Coast.
We are very grateful to Dr. Stone and to Barbi for planning and orchestrating our Spring Break college trip in Sophie’s junior year. Each day was carefully planned, with special access to students and faculty, sitting in on classes and having private meetings, which we never could have done ourselves. The travel and accommodations were all easy and well situated. We did two additional trips in the Fall of her senior year, which were similarly well-planned and effective. As an example, at most of the schools Sophie got to sit in on a class, meet privately with a professor in her area of interest, have lunch with a student or two, be interviewed (for the Senior visits), have a campus tour, and meet with a Hillel representative. As Sophie now weighs her acceptances, she has a lot of perspective on the schools to help her decide. Thanks!
— Amy Rabbino & Neal Rubin
I am so grateful to have found you all. I could never had put such a trip together!
— Parent of a rising Junior, toured nine colleges in nine states.
My daughter and I only had four days and we wanted to get the most out our time in both Boston and North Carolina. Campanile College Tours completely took the stress out of planning a trip that allowed us to visit six colleges. Barbi set up a flawless travel itinerary that included flights, hotel and rental car within budget. Elizabeth is a pro and coordinated college visits that were personalized around my daughter’s interests and used our time efficiently. Every dollar we spent was well worth it and I appreciated the diligence and professionalism of Campanile College Tours.
— Tami Bhaumik
Thank you so much for coordinating today! The professor meeting was extremely informative and helpful for me — I really appreciated seeing the college from her perspective. I will make sure to reach out to her and thank her for her time. Really happy with how the trip is going so far!”
— - San Francisco high school student
THANK YOU for your help on this last trip. Wow! A very impressive and successful trip.
— - Southern California parent returning from second Campanile College Tour
Thank you so much for all your help this past week— it’s truly been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

— High school senior on her last day touring east coast colleges.
We’re finally back home and I wanted to say a very sincere thank you and what a great job you and your services delivered. This was a complex, ever-changing, and at times stressful journey. However having your services to help guide and react to the changing schedules made it a success. Our son can now make a great decision with better perspective. AMAZING SERVICE - THANK YOU!
— Family visiting colleges after admission decisions were received.
Thank you so much for scheduling our Southern California tours! it made a world of difference for her decision-making process.
— Parent of high school junior.
Our trip to visit three schools in two days would not have been as easy, productive and enjoyable had Dr. Stone not done all the planning for us! It was the personal secretary I needed with my busy schedule, and the trip planner I would not have known nearly anything without! We used Campanile College Tours for two separate college visit trips - one from California to North Carolina and one from California to New England, and both times we left home with hotel reservations, bus and train tickets, specific class visit schedules class visits arranged, and private professor interviews and sports / theatre event options all in hand.
— H. Dustin
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know the day on campus was terrific. Raina particularly appreciated the meeting with the Biomedical Engineering professor as well as a tour of the engineering school. The TripIt application is great! Thank you for all the detailed logistical information included in the app.
— -Parent of high school junior
The tour to the United States helped our South American student determine his list and prioritize his top choices as well. Thank you for making their trip so wonderful. I know i could not have arranged it. You are a tremendous resource.
Thank you again - your travel arrangements were perfect as usual.
— Parent of high school senior, after 5th Campanile College Tour
Our family from China loved their trip to the United States. It was wonderful! Thank you for your professional service provided to our clients.
— Educational Consultant, China
The meetings with professors were golden! My son connected with the regional reps from all the school and was able to mention his great meetings. We really appreciate your arranging such a productive trip.
— Parent of a rising senior, following second Campanile College Tour.
Perfectly organized!
— Middle Eastern family on 3-week, 20 campus tour