Art, Sculpture, and more at Stanford

By Ally S.

Campanile College Tours arranged a day at Stanford University in Palo Alto for me. I really enjoyed my visit. I am interested in arts, but not a specific field quite yet. The university offers a variety of majors including, art/art history, film and media studies, dance, architectural design, theater and performance studies, design, and more. I toured part of the campus and I was very impressed with what I saw. The campus has beautiful architecture, such as the Memorial Church (Mission Style) and the new McMurtry Building in the new Arts District, which I really loved for its modern architecture.   

After the tour, I sat in on a general information session for undergraduate admissions. There they talked about the great financial aid program, as well as the abundant amount of housing they offer for all four years at Stanford. There are a lot of options for housing, including a choice of themed dorms, apartments, houses, and co-ops.

Next, Dr. Stone directed me to a popular student lunch spot, the Co Ho next to the Tressider Student Union. It’s a cute, little café that has live music at night.  It was crowded with lots of students and campus visitors.  After eating, I went to the Cantor Arts Center.  The information was all in my TripIt itinerary that Dr. Stone planned for me.  I explored the Anderson Collection with its mix of contemporary paintings and the Rodin sculptures located outside the Cantor Museum..

Overall, my first college tour was well-organized by Campanile College Tours and I experienced the campus in a way that I didn’t think was possible!