Innovative tours at Stanford University

I'm Rachel B and I was able to enjoy a day touring Stanford thanks to Campanile College Tours. Dr. Stone helped me get a great sense of the school by setting up a day for me to experience the various things Stanford has to offer. 

Hi - I'm Rachel and  I had a great day visiting Stanford on a tour created by Campanile College Tours.  My day started off with a general campus tour. I had the chance to see various departments on campus and walk past the Hoover Tower, which houses Stanford's enormous library.  The tour took us through the Engineering Quad, where the state of the art engineering program is located, and also walked past the Main Quad, where I was able to see the grandeur of the Memorial Church, an iconic piece right in the middle of campus. 

After my general tour, I was able to attend a tour of the at Stanford, which is only offered once a month. The is an innovative center at the university that offers classes about design-thinking. I saw the workspaces that had tools available for students to prototype new inventions and also saw a multi-purpose classroom that could be tailored to any one class's needs. Seeing this building was great and I enjoyed learning about the methods the professors use to teach their students about innovation.

At the end of my day, Dr. Stone organized an on-campus lunch with an alumna at the Arbuckle Dining Pavilion, a dining hall located in Stanford's graduate school of business. The dining hall had a variety of cuisines at an affordable price, and the experience helped me become acclimated to a college environment. Having lunch with an alumna was great, and afterward she took me to the Career Center and through Stanford's Hillel. It was nice to hear about Stanford from a former student and to learn about different aspects of college life.

The tour that the staff at Campanile College Tours organized for me was great and helped me get a sense of college life. Hopefully I can tour more schools in the future!