Next stop: Lugano, Switzerland

Campanile College Tours staff were flown to Lugano, Switzerland by the admissions team at Franklin University.  Franklin offers a four-year liberal arts degree as well as numerous opportunities for short-term study for high school students and college students seeking studying abroad experiences. A hallmark of the Franklin program is the Academic Travel course offered each semester which takes students on faculty-led study trips all over the world.  We enjoyed sitting in on classes, meeting with faculty, and having lunch with students from Europe and the US.  CWe travel around the world visiting colleges so we can expertly plan your college tours.  Our recent visits have included Trinity College in Dublin, the University of Strasbourg in France, Heldeiberg University in Germany, Denmark International Studies (DIS) Program in Copenhagen, Stanford's Study Center in Florence, Italy, and even Marakkesh in Morrocco!  Contact us for more information and tips for traveling to colleges in Europe.